SIX DAYS Left to Evaluate UM Admin

Hi LEO lecs and allies!

Just a note to amplify Ian’s email message going out this morning. We’ve been getting repeated emails reminding us to evaluate our university administrators. (“As a reminder, you can participate in the annual online Evaluation of Administrators at“) This includes President Schlissel and Provost Philbert.

SO LET’S DO IT. We have until the 18th, which is 2 days before our contract expires!

Picket sign by Alla Dubrovich

You may have heard that over the weekend Philbert sent a message down through an associate that we shouldn’t “think that [he] was moved by a bunch of form letters from students.” OH REALLY?

  1. That’s disrespectful. Students deserve ALL of our respect.
  2. They were NOT form letters.
  3. They included missives from allies from every corner of the community.

Maybe they’ll respect us when we tell them exactly what we think on their evaluations? Word is, a lot of people neglect to fill these in.


There are two or three questions in particular that have to do with how well they support teaching excellence and how they manage the university’s finances.

Well, we’ve SEEN the answers to those questions. Let’s remind them on their evals, shall we? 

Don’t forget to write detailed comments supporting your answers!

One thought on “SIX DAYS Left to Evaluate UM Admin

  1. [Flint LEO I] was not allowed to given admin feedback. This was email I received:

    “UM faculty governance (the Faculty Senate) on each campus makes the decisions on the implementation of the administrator evaluations for that particular campus. Currently, faculty governance for the Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses have chosen to have these campuses participate, but the Flint campus faculty governance has not chosen to participate. Thus, the evaluation website is not configured to include either faculty members or administrators for the Flint campus.

    Thus, it is not possible to add you to the evaluation system for the 2017-2018 evaluations.


    Don Winsor
    Administration Evaluation Committee”


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