Bargaining Platform and Current Status

Below, you’ll find the broad-strokes of our bargaining platform. Our biggest demands are in salary, appointments, and performance evaluations. To find out the current status of each proposal, check out this document: Status of LEO Bargaining 3.30.18


• Improved job security for LIs and LIIIs; more year-long appointments, earlier

notice dates, and full-time jobs.

• Recognition of the service of LIs and LIIs.

• Open-ended appointments for long-serving Lecturers: No more reviews after

the first Continuing Renewal Review.


• Make performance evaluations more meaningful, streamlined, and fair.

• Achieve this through simplifying annual report and major review processes by

eliminating redundancy in documentation and relieving lecturers of logistical

management (coordinating classroom observations, etc.).

• Call for a uniform and transparent remediation process and elimination of the

full follow-up major review post-remediation.


• Extend more affordable health care coverage to more members.

• Provide support to parents and families.

• Stop administration practices that unfairly deny benefits.


• Significant increases to the minimum salaries, with a commitment to making

strong progress in reducing the salary gap between campuses.

• Address issues of equity/compression by increasing members’ base salary

according to years of service and longevity raises at regular intervals.

• Higher annual increases for all lecturers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

A dedicated fund ($150,000 as a start out of $85 million) to support lecturers

who are advancing DEI objectives through course design, service or research

work, and/or mentorship work.

• A mandate requiring UM departments/schools to advertise open Lecturer I or III

positions via job search firms that focus on reaching underrepresented

candidates, if no current LEO member is qualified/ available to fill position.


• Increase the amount of money available for faculty on each of the three


• Raise the top amount that can be applied for to $1,000.

• Any surplus left on one campus should be transferable to other campuses.

• Strengthen protections and support for Lecturers with disabilities.


• Demand that all Schools hold a vote on enfranchising Lecturers who are halftime

or more, and have taught at the University for at least one year (criteria for

governing faculty defined in the Regental By-laws).