Bargaining Team 2017-2018

The bargaining team is a group of lecturers that has been researching and preparing our platform since early 2016. These lecturers have come together from all three campuses and a variety of departments and attend bargaining meetings every Friday from 9-5 to fight for a better contract.

They can’t do it alone.

This is an extraordinary commitment of time and energy, but success is ONLY possible with regular in-person, online, and other kinds of VISIBLE support of the majority of our members.

Click here for the bargaining schedule so that you can plan when to show up and/or signal boost online and in other ways.


Kirsten Herold, School of Public Health (AA), team manager, Appointments

Stevens Wandmacher, Philosophy (Flint), Performance Reviews
Shelley Manis, Sweetland (AA), Benefits
Simone Sessolo, Sweetland (AA), Salary
Bob King, Residential College (AA), Salary
Sheryl Edwards, Social Sciences (Dearborn), Benefits
John Buckley, English (AA), Appointments
Erin Lavin, Romance (AA),
Lorrel Sullivan, Romance (AA), Salary
Lisa Bradshaw, Natural Sciences (Dearborn), Salary
Judy Dyer, English Language Institute (AA), Performance Reviews
Deb Des Jardins, English Language Institute (AA), Salary
Alex Elkins, DAAS (AA), Appointments
Matt Oches, LEO Staff, Benefits