EPISODE 5 | MARCH 20, 2018
Laura is a UM-Flint Lecturer who loves teaching at the university – she loves her colleagues, from staff to other Lecturers to tenured faculty, and she took a big pay cut in order to take this job. She worries, however, that she may not be able to retire at UM Flint. Flint Lecturers are among the lowest paid of our entire unit, and this Friday, March 23, we will get administration’s second salary counterproposal at bargaining in Flint.

EPISODE 4 | MARCH 7, 2018
Margaret Mikula is a UM-Dearborn Lecturer in Statistics. Here she talks about her passion for teaching and the importance of her contribution, which makes it all the more difficult to withstand working conditions that give her inconsistent job security and such low pay. She also remembers her first experiences with her union and why she considers LEO a “welcoming” team.

Alicia, a UM-Dearborn Lecturer, talks about the difficult choice that Lecturers must face when thinking about starting a family or planning their lives due to lack of job security and the necessity of taking on multiple jobs to survive. The minimum salary at University of Michigan Dearborn Campus is only $28,300/yr for full time work – that’s for 8 classes a year, by the way. This situation and the struggles that Dearborn Lecturers face are unacceptable. Join us at open bargaining on Dearborn campus this Friday, February 9, 10AM in Kochoff Hall B of the UC, to put the pressure on management to fix this shameful situation. Our Facebook event is here.

EPISODE 2 | JANUARY 30, 2018
Claudia, a UM-Dearborn Lecturer, talks about the protections the union gives to Lecturers on layoff and why job security matters to her. THURSDAY, February 1, 2018, we will be having our Community Allies Forum in Kochoff Hall B of the UC on UM-Dearborn campus. Over the next two weeks, we are really ramping up the action on our Dearborn campus – we look forward to seeing you there.

EPISODE 1 | January 25, 2018
Matthew talks about the importance of job security and salary in the current LEO negotiations. TOMORROW, January 26, 2018, we will be back at the bargaining table to hear counterproposals on the issues of disability accommodations, faculty support & governance, and enhancing lecturer diversity, among others. Come join us, make your voice heard, and be a part of the process, at Palmer Commons on Central Campus in Ann Arbor, 9AM-5PM, in the Great Lakes South Conference Room (4th Floor).