Site Map

Bargaining 2017-2018 has all the information you need about our 2017-2018 contract campaign: who’s on our bargaining team, what our bargaining platform is, what’s the status of bargaining, and when and where bargaining happens.

I AM LEO is our ongoing video series featuring Lecturers from all three campuses and a wide range of departments, talking about why union power and this contract campaign matter to them, and what it is like to be a Lecturer at the University of Michigan.

Petitions+Picket Shifts is the place for allies and Lecturers to: 1) sign up to walk our picket lines in the event of a walkout in April, and 2) sign petitions in support of securing an equitable contract for Lecturers.

Our Power Building Toolkit is where you can find all the charts, graphs, other data, and informational materials that we are using in this campaign to inform people about our working conditions, why solidarity is important, and how it can be enacted.

Testimonies are made at bargaining sessions or other union events (such as public Regents meetings, rallies, and general membership meetings) by Lecturers and allies to help mobilize our community and to tell the individual narratives of Lecturers at UM and their supporters.